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​David Gould, and later with his son Sean, have a long involvement with the British Hill climbing and amateur racing. David himself an ​​​amateur racer for over 30 y​ears. The most successful ama​​teur Gould chassis was the 84G (picture below), built ​​and developed over a number of years its greatest moment was clinching the hillclimb championship in 1985.​​


​This superb chassis wa​s ahead of its time, with bonded aluminium honeycomb construction and aerodynamic design technology borrowed from Formula1. Incredibility driveable with its torquey Hart 2.8 the car is competitive even now and can still be seen at hillclimb events around the country at the hands of David and Sean. “The passion for racing and the determination to build a championship winning car will always be our motivation. Combine this with technical flair and expertise and we believe we have the best ingredients for high-tech engineering”. 


With confidence in their expertise to conceptualise, design, build, test and support a championship winner the Gould father and ​son team set up in 1994 to produce the Gould Ralt GR37 (picture on  the right). Based on a Ral​​t Formula​​ 3 carbon composite monocoque, the pair redesigned most of the car, suspension, engine gearbox installation, aerodynamics etc. In many ways they bucked the trend, proving that hillclimbing is not unlike circuit racing and that a stiff chassis works just as well. ​​

Success was not instantaneous, yet within two years the GR37 was the car to have on British hills. After selling six GR37’s and winning with championship 3 times with their first ever car Gould went on to conceptualise the radical GR51 Cosworth V6. Using a lightweight but extremely powerful and driveable V6, mated to a x-Formula 1 gearbox, and using their own Ralt derived monoque with raised nose and new front wing. Although without the torque of the big 4.0l V8’s, the braking and corning potential of such a small compact and lightweight car with excellent aerodynamics brought a package that is yet to be beaten – now holder of 2 championship titles. British hillclimbing is more or less totally dominated by Gould race cars.


Having w​on consecutive championships for 14 years Gould maintains the advantage by continuously developing their cars and applying the latest technical innovations – thanks to their involvement with F1. The results from this years championship explain the situation, with Gould cars winning 100% of the championship rounds. Not only are the winning cars Gould built but may of the non Gould cars are engineered by Gould or have testing and chassis consultancy work performed on them because of their expertise in setting up cars suspension and damping to perform at their very best.​​​​​

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​​​Gould GR59