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​​​​​​​Gould Engineering count two engineers in her ranks who can design the parts you need. ​The company owns two 3D printers allowing us to produce fast prototypes or any jigs needed to personnalize existing parts. ​​​The company currently owns five CNC machines. With over 30 years of experience in machining and Computer-aider manufacturing capacities, Gould Engineering has all the tools to answer her customer's needs in limited series production. ​​Since 2013 we have a ROMER absolute arm with intgrated scanner, which allows us to compare manufactured part to CAD models. Combined with traditional quality tools, this allows us to check each part before it is delivered. Those tools and the know-how of our employees allow Gould engineering to deliver parts of high-quality standard.​





​3× 5-Axis CNC Mill

1× 5-Axis trunnion table
1× CNC-lathe

​1× Romer CMM


​2×​ uPrint SE plus

laderdesder3.jpg         ---11[1].jpg

Our two 3D printers                                                                                                              Milling

-------012[1].jpg            laderdesder6.jpg

Our CNC lathe                                                                                                                       ​ Inspection with the ROMER arm