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​​​G​ould Racing designs, d​​evelops and builds ultra light single seater racing in hill climb all over the world.

​​The Gould racecars have won 18 times the British Hill Climb Championship, including 14 times in a row, breaking the previous record.​​


Gould GR59​​​​

The Gould GR59 is a revolutionary ultra light weight single seater, smaller than the previous GR55, the first models will be powered by a motorbike engine. The carbon ​monocoque is for the first time full carbon composite from the nose to the rear wing. The engine cover is indeed part of the structural chassis, the engine bolted directly to the stressed floor and the rear suspension id fixed to the the tub and not to the gearbox. Thanks to this unique design, stiffness, aerodynamics and light weight will be gilt-edged. Designed during 5 years, the car combines 25 years experience of Gould and Formula one leading edge technologies. Each single part has been engineered to save maximum weight keeping the car safe. Composites are used on a maximum of parts, even the differential case is done in carbon fibre.The car passed the F3 rollhoop test.​



Gould Enginnering​ was involved in the Formulec program and made all the carbon chassis.


Gould GR55/55B​​

​​​​​​​​The GR55B is an ultra light weight car, with a major reductions in weight coming through FEA studies on the entire car. Just about every component on these cars has been modified. The all up weight of the car is some 25 kilos lighter than the original GR55 and this has produced a car with stunning performance. In 2006 the car won every single round of the British Hillclimb Championship and holds every hill record in the hands of several different drivers.



The most successful amateur Gould chassis was the 84G, built and developed over a number of years its greatest moment was clinching the hillclimb championship in 1985.​